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How's your memory?

Created on: 08/30/09 04:40 PM Views: 3590 Replies: 2
How's your memory?
Posted Sunday, August 30, 2009 11:40 AM

I went to the gym. I laid my cell phone next to my treadmill. I'm walking when I receive a call from Shelley. I grab my cell phone and get back on the treadmill. I'm talking with Shelley and realize I need to get home. I'm walking around the treadmill looking for my phone while carrying on a conversation with Shelley. I look all around the area and under the treadmill. I know I laid it next to the treadmill. I finally tell Shelley that I will be home as soon as I find my cell phone. She says would you like me to help you find it? I said sure, like she is going to drive to the gym. She says look in your right hand. Lo and Behold! Am I the only one doing these type things? Rick McCall

RE: How's your memory?
Posted Sunday, August 30, 2009 01:22 PM

No, my's only you!!! Having said that,check out the following youtube video I got recently....

Does that help??

Seriously, Rick, thanks for being the first to use the forum. Hopefully others will follow your example.

RE: How's your memory?
Posted Saturday, January 2, 2010 06:49 AM

We are on a humanitarian project in Changmai Thailand in December 2008. Our medical lead asks me to sing a few New Year's Eve songs with a few local Doctors near midnight in the large plaza area. After a few hours of foot and back massages, I completely forgot about the singing gig. While returning to the Plaza area around 11:30 PM, a very excited Thailand man came running up to our group. He says he is looking for the American to sing at midnight. I say that this must be me. He is so happy and asks us to follow him. He leads us to the main stage with about 25,000 revelers waiting for midnight. He escorts me to the stage with a grung type band behind me and they ask me if I am ready to sing the May All Aquantiance be ....... I now realize that this is not the gig I promised to do. Remembering the old Nerk High Choir spirit, I decided to go on and amaze everyone with made up words and accepted a standing ovation. I use Ginko Biloba supplements, but I always forget where I put them. By the way Rick, did you actually stay in Nerk? I do remember you and Dick Vorris as the best football players. I never caught on to the concept and moved to the Choir. If you or your friends are in the Far or South East Asia, bridger46athotmaildotcom will connect us. We have about 30 years now in South Korea and neighboring countries. Have a healthy and peaceful 2010. Chris Vaia